Top 11 Tips For Cyber Security

For many, with the rapid development of technology and the large shift of basically everything moving online – staying protected can seem daunting and often overlooked.

No matter what level of understanding you have of technology, we want to make sure you have the base knowledge to keep yourself and your family safe online.

Check out CertNZ’s useful guide – Top 11 Tips for Cyber Security on their website.

Password Security

If any of you struggle to remember passwords; use the same password for multiple accounts; or simply want to improve your security online – we recommend starting with improving your password security.

This is a great place to start as often weak or duplicate passwords are the main causes to an account breach – so while being easy to fix; it also goes a long way to getting yourself protected online.

For those who don’t know where to look – at WISEplanning we recommend using LastPass to securely keep your passwords safe.

For individuals they also have a free version which is a great solution.

Click here to check out LastPass.

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