Issue #11 – 6th April 2020

1) Understands money (to get enough of it)

2) Innovative (developed problem solving skillset)

3) Control over their time and their life


Are you anxious about COVID-19?

It seems as though it is everywhere you look! 

Information flows are good although the dramatic narrative is also alive and well too. 

The Coronavirus is a big issue – not helped though when unnecessary catastrophising is added into the mix.  

Although not quickly, it will be resolved. Steps are being taken. 

Let’s face it, this could be a whole lot worse – let’s be thankful.

Sometimes though, it seems like, no matter how well prepared you are, you just cannot hide from something like the Coronavirus.   Still, I vote for preparation over not doing so, 24/7 … 365. 

So, I vote for preparation, ahead of the curve every time.  What about you? 

If you voted yes to the above, how is your retirement / financial independence looking?  Are you ahead of the curve?

Financial Planning

Positioning for Success

Oh – about that curve …

After nearly 40 years of advising Kiwis across New Zealand, those from other countries around the world, it still staggers me that few people have a real financial plan for being safe financially, not to mention financial independence.

We know that around 90% of people remain insecure, unsafe and behind the curve when it comes to money and financial security. 

Less than 10% get there …  if you realise that you are in the 90% camp, it all starts with the decision by you to get on with it and get serious about it.

Does it start with you having to own up to yourself, that maybe, just maybe, what you are currently doing is not going to hit the mark and indeed is placing you behind the curve? 

Maybe now, right now is time for a ‘pattern interrupt’ … 

What does Nike say? 

Just do it.

Click here to just do it.







Mindset Alignment

Align your behaviour with your goals

Mindset alignment is really about how well you match your behaviour with your big picture goals, like being safe with money long term, and being financially independent. 

To be clear, ‘retirement’ usually means not enough money and quite a bit of anxiety along the way! 

Financial independence, on the other hand, is different … enough money, with anxiety limited to how to best help others and live your authentic life.  

Seriously, if you allow everyday life to take control of how you do things, then you are probably ‘doomed’ like many others, to not being safe with money, anxiety, risk and, at times, stress. 

Sure, you can pretend (“we are okay, everything will somehow sort itself out, we already save in Kiwisaver, have a rental property so nothing broken here …”).

Pretence will be unlikely to help you much other than to perpetuate the status quo.  Truthfully, it does take quite a bit to align your behaviour with your big picture goals. 

The good news – it is not all down to hard work and certainly not down to taking risks. 

Something you can do right now to get on track or indeed to improve things moving forward is to go through this website. There is a tonne of information and help here that you can use – free.  To get started, just start.  Do one thing …  

If you prefer, someone else to do all the heavy lifting and make it easy for you, so that you can get started, just click here



Price is what you pay; value is what you get

Successful investing is not that complicated, it turns out.  I know this because we are right in the midst of one of the biggest events in history (the COVID-19, if you don’t get out much!) and the disruption is significant to say the least. 

How safe are your investments anyway?!  Unless you are actually a client at WISEplanning, the short of it is, I do not really know. 

As a client of WISEplanning, I know that you will have followed a specific methodology, which is based on the value investing approach developed by Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger and further developed here at WISEplanning into what we now call eco-Investing. 

It just means that we invest in the economics of the asset, whether it be your own business, residential property or big businesses listed on the market (direct shares).

We do not play the markets. We do not like unnecessary risk, we avoid it. 

One of the best ways to avoid risk is to make sure that you invest in the economics of the asset.  That way, you will invest in quality and you will do it at a reasonable price. 

As a client, you will know that lower prices allow the value to emerge and better buying to take place. 

Patience is required but over time (just look back in history, there is plenty of evidence to prove it), those lower prices represent real value.  That translates into making more money for your life, the way you want it.

Take a look at this if you are interested in how to invest successfully

If you want to cut to the chase and get a bit of help, let’s talk.


You have to untie the rope from the wharf before you can set sail.”

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