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Written Testimonials

“The whole organisation is great, didn’t realise that we’d been there for 15 years until you contacted us about it, pretty impressive.  In the first few years, Peter gave us some very good shares and we took them out when advised to withdraw and we made about $35k which we put into property, left it there for a while and now, we’ve just put it back to Peter.  To have someone like you guys that are managing it, we are hands-off, when we have someone as competent as WP, it’s great.  The markets always go up and down, we know we are getting help and advice, better than anywhere.  Had our money been in the bank, there’d been no relationship, staying with small company has been really good.

We are more happy than here.

Derek and Pam Finlayson – Wellington

“I have been with WISEplanning for four years and would like to express my satisfaction with the service. I joined WISEplanning after being ‘coerced’ into attending one of Peter Flannery’s seminars by my father. I was initially very skeptical as I had zero knowledge of investing and didn’t believe that I would ever be able to learn about it, let alone actually set up anything for myself. After my first meeting with Peter I decided to join as I found him to be extremely clear on how his approach could work for me. I joined the Money Matrix Program and I can’t emphasize enough just how beneficial this has been.

At forty years of age, a single parent working full time with no money in the bank and a mortgage, I realized I needed to do something but I had no clue how to get myself on the road to being financially free.

I needed a helping hand and plenty of guidance. Peter and his team have provided this all the  way. I think the main advantage of the Money Matrix Program is that it helped me to face the psychological barriers I had in place around money. I gradually learnt ways to overcome these barriers and despite feeling quite nervous and a bit out of my depth I just followed Peter’s advice and did everything he told me to! I firmly believe that by doing this and sticking to the program it is possible for anyone to change their attitude towards money and set themselves up to be financially free.

It’s quite hard at the start making sacrifices and having to trust that you are doing the right thing but it’s worth it. Peter helps by keeping things simple and sensible without all the usual hype that would probably have put me off. This is not a quick fix but it really doesn’t take very long to start seeing the results. This is my fourth year with WISEplanning and I have made huge progress.

I have sorted out my estate and insurances, organized my bank accounts so I never have to worry if I have enough to cover the bills, invested thousands of dollars in growth investments that are already making me money, have a very healthy bank balance, learnt heaps about how to invest and how it all works, helped my 13 year old daughter set up an investment account plus gained countless other knowledge.

I have done this on the same wage as I was always on and I used to think I couldn’t afford to save. It just shows that it wasn’t true! It’s been way more than just about finances – I think this program has sorted out my life. It’s fantastic.”

Jane Knight  – Christchurch

“Peter, you helped us to get started, build the foundation. Some of it was yuk. At Level 2 we could see why Level 1 was so valuable. We now have a good measuring system and can see the progress. By hell things are working! Thank You”

Steve and Kaye Walker – Dunedin

“WISEplanning helped us review our entire financial plan starting with budgeting and cash flow management. It really changed the way we do things and we found $15000 in our annual budget. So, we set up some savings, starting low and easy. We initially though it would be too tough, but life just carried on and we didn’t even miss it!”

“Peter often says that to get what we really want, we must take control over our lives. To achieve that type of control we need to be quite targeted about how we allocate our time and so we are learning how to use The Time Zones. My husband Andre and I recently carried out a Future Shift Day, which was a real challenge for us to fit into our busy lives”.

“Wow! We talked (and talked and talked!) about our money, our lives and made some new plans. It was over before we knew it and yet we felt like we had made so much progress just in that one session. Funny, it was like we were on holiday – we felt so refreshed… ready. It was just awesome”.

Lee-Anne Werner – Christchurch

“I liked the way Peter helped us to analyse the value of the business we were looking to buy and negotiate a more realistic purchase price. That saved us over $20,000.

I don’t like the “paperwork” (the thinking tools) in The Money MATRIX program but I am open to some help with that. I regularly attend courses and look to up skill at every opportunity. I really like our meetings with Peter. He brings a unique set of skill and experience to the table”.

Sue Anderson – Christchurch

“We’ve done really well with WISEplanning. We got some simple tools that have proven effective and some help. We set some goals and are really happy with what we’ve been able to achieve. We had a good discussion at the beginning. It took a bit of discipline but once we got started we were on our way and now we are so happy that we took action when we did.”

Jason Gannaway – Ashburton

“We have been doing our homework. We used The Solution Creator to help us think through how to go about buying a header which ultimately helped us to save over $100,000 – thank you Solution Creator”.

Grant and Bronwyn Campbell – Winton

“Peter, you are always consistent, never extreme. That works for me.”

Joan Russell – Invercargill

“We have relied on Peter Flannery’s help for many years. We know what we want but have had to rely on his expertise to help us to achieve our objectives. He takes care of the complicated tricky areas that to be honest are beyond us, and always delivers his advice along with our options in a way that we can easily understand what to do. We trust Peter to do the right thing for us and that trust has been well placed for many years”.

Margaret & Alan Drummond – Gore

“I’m not afraid to recommend Peter to others.  Initially, you know, you do wonder … will my money be safe?  I feel I need some advice but can I trust someone else with my money? … these things run through your mind at the start”.

Back then I was comforted by the fact that I was referred to by my sister.  Also he was a qualified financial advisor – with almost 10 years experience.  Now, 20 years later I am still very happy with the advice I continue to get from Peter.

He helped me to get started with some serious planning – that’s what really set me up.  This soon allowed me to start investing and build my nest egg for retirement.  I now draw an income from that nest egg and that nest egg still grows!!  As I said, I don’t hesitate to recommend Peter to others.

I don’t mind paying out for a job well done. I also like the fact that the portfolio management is “done for me”. I take comfort too in the fact that you go out of your way Peter, to look after my best interests.”

Bruce McLennan – Invercargill

“I have really benefitted from the Money Matrix.  It has helped me to look at my attitude and how I respond to certain things.  It’s also helped me to put in place a value investing portfolio which makes sense to me”.

Chris Bant – Wellington

“The support is always there.  We like the regular meetings which are great for keeping us accountable and making sure that we get things done”.

Lachlan and Hannah Mackie – Canterbury

“I would like to say Thank You to Peter for all his suggestions and comments about a proposed business idea.  I found this particularly helpful, the advice was wide ranging and included a number of suggestions for further reference. So much appreciated”.

Nigel Stanton – Canterbury

“Peter, we have been with you through thick and thin and we have just loved the way you have dealt with us.  We really appreciate you, WISEplanning and what you have done for us; for how long has it been … 12 years?  Anyway thank you very much”.

Bob and Sharyn Grey – Wellington

“Peter, I have learned a lot from you.  I purchased some shares using your method when I returned to Germany and it worked out very well, thank you”.

Norbert Heighland – Germany

“My education through the Matrix system you designed Peter has been a massive learning curve and will now be a great asset for many years to come.  Your catch cry of “Value Investing will stay with me and I will remember whenever I buy shares it is the business I am actually investing in so I will be making sure it is a good one!!”.

Andrew West – Hamilton

“We went to a Wiseplanning Seminar a few years ago now, liked what we saw and heard and are still with Peter 15 years later.

We had already started planning for our retirement with rental property investments but still needed help and advice with protecting and growing our assets. Neither of us have the knowledge, time or confidence to focus on a share portfolio so paying fees to have Peter and his team keep an eye on things has to be seen as part of the investment process. We pays fees for other professional services such as lawyers, doctors, accountants etc, why not for financial advice?

We trust Peter and find him very approachable and we relate to his financial philosophy of investing in a business rather than investing in the share market. By making a plan with Peter many years ago we are now able to enjoy an extra monthly income and that is a hugely satisfying reward”.

Judy and Brian Newble – Christchurch

“I new I needed to get more knowledge and I’d seen the ads for WISEplanning.  I’d reached my 50’s and needed to be better prepared for the future.  Other than property, we had no provisions in place for retirement.  I was a little sceptical coming in to WISEplanning and initially had not planned to go any further than that first public meeting.

I was surprised, as time went on, with the confidence I gained to follow through with Peter’s suggested investments.  We have now moved into retirement with confidence.  Peter came across as genuine and knowledgeable

Initially it was a big outlay for us but we have certainly had value for money.  I’ve learnt by reading everything that was given to me and I saw that as a progression, there was no “leap of faith” initially, however it took my wife a little longer to come around.  I’d advise anyone to seek advice, work from a knowledge base with experienced people”.

Dave Christensen – Ashburton

“Initially Derek was sceptical, however I (Lynley) was positive as it was something new for us.  We realised we were getting older, wasting money and we needed to get organised.

Peter’s public address convinced me (Lynley) that Peter Flannery was right for us.  Derek wasn’t so sure but went along with it.  We have now been clients for over 20 years and have been greatly surprised with our results. We just didn’t realise how we could invest and succeed so well.

Peter helped us to think for ourselves but supported us when we needed it.  We learnt from Peter how to understand investing and not to be afraid.  By the way fee’s haven’t been a big deal.  The success we’ve achieved has been worth every cent paid”.

 Derek and Lynley Barclay – Invercargill

“We were in our 50’s, had just sold our business, we both had new jobs and were looking for the best return on our money.  At such a crucial time in our lives we were a little sceptical at first, didn’t understand a lot, but we had faith.  We now realise it was money well spent”.

 Graeme and Avis Tong – Christchurch

“Our biggest regret is that we didn’t meet Peter Flannery and WISEplanning several years earlier than we did”.

 Alan and Merilyn Trent – Christchurch

“Please pass on my gratitude for the meeting with Peter.  It has really got me thinking”.

 Jon Allen – America

“Anna and I are both delighted with how the program is working for us, both with the results and the knowledge and confidence we are gaining on the way.

We are both looking forward to the next year, and then the next year etc.

Many thanks to you and your team for providing us with the Money Matrix program and support through it.”

 Jeremy and Anna Dix – Invercargill

“I am happy to say that you and your team have always met our expectations.  I guess we would not still be with you if you hadn’t.!

We have always found that you have given good explanations about finances, simple enough for us to understand.
Ever grateful to have someone else manage the money”.


 Rosemary Melvin – Balclutha

“We just wanted to thank you for all the advice and updates we have received during this unusual and uncertain time.  Because of the advice you have given us over the years since we began working with you, we are not feeling anxious about out shares.  We have always found that you have given good explanations about finances, simple enough for us to understand.  We are not panicking about the share market falls at all.  We are happy that our share portfolio is a long term investment, that we are investing in the company and that your expertise and advice will be keeping us confident.  Already your email has arrived that has given us advice and possible investment opportunities and we are considering these. Rest assured we are happy to continue following your approach and we will not be rushing in to withdraw our shares. With the sharemarket tumbling at some point there will be some bargains to be had!”
 Andrew and Kerrin – Invercargill
“Had a very enjoyable meeting with Peter.  “I know this doesn’t help you” but no complaints we are confident with the shape and direction Peter has our portfolio heading”
 Neil and Judy Allison – Invercargill
“If I just put my money into gold and silver and invested with WISEplanning, I would have been better off and you can tell people that to”.
 Graeme Lowen – Invercargill

“The meeting was great – better than I thought as I thought it would be a bit second rate not being in person but that was not the case. We went through all shares and the answers to any questions made me feel more confident that all angles were being considered going forward. I am happy with all decisions and the review”.

Wendy Williams – Invercargill 

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Peter Flannery - WISEplanning - Authorised Financial Adviser and Certified Financial Planner - New Zealand

Peter Flannery

“Helping everyday Kiwis who expect more … to live their lives the way they want”


Peter was raised on the family farm in Kamahi, near Edendale in Southland. He is an investor, business owner and a first generation financial advisor, having entered financial services in 1983 in Southland.


Peter now lives in Christchurch with his family. His hobbies include family time, spending time with friends, exercise, reading a good novel and time on the deck at the bach.


Peter founded WISEplanning in 1987. His 500 clients live across New Zealand and a few overseas. The ongoing expansion of WISEplanning now includes offices in Invercargill, Christchurch (HQ) and Auckland.


Peter is known among his clients for challenging common practice and conventional methodology.


He argues “People tend to follow the crowd, which is interesting, because most people are both time poor and money poor, so why follow them?”


He is known to many around New Zealand as one of few to warn in 2004 of the coming global financial crisis (The GFC) that suddenly erupted in 2008. His views were considered controversial at the time. Peter credits Warren Buffett and his partner Charlie Munger for his most useful learning’s about investing.


Peter believes education continues throughout life. Some highlights from his recent continuing education include:


• The formal Financial Adviser training through Massey University in Palmerston North,


• The Entrepreneurial Coaching program through The Strategic Coach in Vancouver, Canada,


• The Business Owner/Manager Program through The Icehouse in New Zealand,


• The Peak Performance Program through Glazer Kennedy, Baltimore, USA


• The High Performance Program through The Elite Professionals Program in New Zealand


• The Experts Academy through Brendon Burchard, Sydney, Australia


• The Millionaire Mentor Program through Scott Harris, The Gold Coast, Australia.


As an investor, he is regularly researching markets and analysing potential investment opportunities and likes to point out to anyone who will listen that discipline around the investment method is key to success.


Peter has developed programs and tools that help everyday kiwis who expect more out of life to succeed sooner.

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Miriam Woon

Miriam has been with the WISEplanning team for a few years, bringing with her enthusiasm and extensive customer service skills to the role.


She emigrated to New Zealand from the Netherlands and spent her teenage years in the Bay of Plenty before moving to Auckland to begin her studies in Travel and Tourism. Employment in the Tourism industry eventually led Miriam to start her “8 year OE”. Whilst managing ski chalets in the French Alps, she met her future husband. They moved to Cardiff for a few years before moving to Canterbury in 2008, and now works remotely from Nelson.


Miriam is the Operations Manager for WISEplanning’s clients. Her passion has always been to work closely with individuals to help them improve their work and life skills.


Miriam enjoys spending time with her two sons, husband, family and friends. She has a passion for running, skiing, photography, exercise, reading and really enjoys dealing with people.

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Sean Yang

Sean is the Portfolio Coordinator for Clients at WISEplanning and brings his enthusiasm, professionalism and well developed customer service skills to the role. Sean was born in Beijing, China and obtained his Bachelor Degree in Economics (majored in Statistics) in China and Graduated Diploma in Accounting and Finance at University of Canterbury.


Sean has worked in the finance sector specialising in Investment Advisory for more than 10 years. He is experienced in dealing with clients’ queries and providing support to Financial Advisors.


He is an organised person with a strong customer focus. Sean enjoys spending time with his two daughters, wife, family and friends. He has a passion for sports such as soccer, badminton and swimming and really enjoys dealing with people.

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Theo Zbijowski

Theo Zbijowski is the Financial Paraplanner at WISEplanning who brings his friendly and enthusiastic attitude to the role.

Theo graduated from the University of Canterbury with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Finance in 2016.

He is a conscientious person who maintains a strong work ethic as well as a professional attitude. Theo enjoys spending his time playing sports such as squash, tennis and table tennis; while also enjoying the company of his friends and family.

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Kim MacKenzie

Kim has been with WISEplanning since mid 2016 and is our Client Services Specialist. She brings enthusiasm for customer service, professionalism, good time management and efficiencies to the role.


Kim and her husband have been based in Christchurch for over 20 years and originated from Central Otago where they both grew up. They have three teenagers so Kim know’s first hand how busy managing life, money, kids and family can be.


Kim enjoy’s spending time with family and friends, should do more exercise than she does and recently brought a bach where her family and friends are now creating time spent memories that she hopes will carry her kids through to adulthood.

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